Hospital patients’ treatment was insensitive

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I WILL stand by what I have previously written in regards to patients and staff being moved from hospital to hospital.

To me, it was absolutely unbelievable that these patients, many of whom were terminally-ill, and their staff had to assist with the staffing crisis at the South Tyneside hospital.

I would like to refer to Allan Rodgers’, Medical Director, response to me on February 11, whereby he stated that I had been misinformed, and he needed to correct some of the comments that I had made, specifically that I only write in regards to what I read in the papers, and what I am told by other people.

The specifics I was referring to in regards to these terminally-ill patients was the fact that they were being moved out of a specialist unit in order to help tackle a staffing crisis at South Tyneside District Hospital.

I did not put a section of the report in to my letter, but I can see that what happened has angered the daughter of an 87-year-old woman who was one of the impacted patients due to be moved on Monday. She is suffering from acute heart failure, and only has a few months to live, and her daughter is clearly worried about the impact such a move would have on her mother.

Any decent person can totally agree with what she said, and I certainly do, in regards to this being a totally callous way to treat people.

I also do not like what I’ve read about the fact that there was no consultation over such an extremely important decision in regards to the movement of these patients.  

To be taken aside and told just a week and a half before that this was happening is insensitive, and the families of the people concerned should have been gathered together and informed at an official meeting. It should be remembered that this is not a conveyor belt in a factory production line, these are human beings and should be treated with care and respect.

Mr J Grant,

Gosforth Avenue,


South Shields