How has IDS hung on to his job?

Iain Duncan Smith
Iain Duncan Smith

AFTER watching Iain Duncan Smith squirming and bluffing his way through an interview on the Sunday Politics show, I can’t help but wonder just how this incompetent excuse for a Government minister has managed to hang on to his job.

It was painfully obvious to anyone watching that this man is a walking disaster zone.

Universal credit, housing benefit, PIPs etc etc have all turned into fiascos which have cost the taxpayer millions of pounds and brought misery to thousands of people throughout the country, and reaffirmed the accusation that the Tories always have and always will be the nasty, uncaring party of British politics, who look after the rich.

We can only hope that the great British public have seen over the last four years exactly what a Tory Government stands for, and, more than that, what another term in office will mean for our country

M Mcardle,

By e-mail.