Humiliating defeat

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The House of Lords should be congratulated for delivering a humiliating defeat on the Government’s immoral plan to inflict cuts on working tax credits.

In terms of money this meant more than three million of the poorest people in our society would lose £1,300 a year. Chancellor George Osborne said he was comfortable with this and David Cameron said he was delighted. Their clan of wealthy Tory members in the Lords followed suit and voted to make the poor poorer.

It’s good that we still have an influential institution like the Lords who, when necessary, will stand up for the vulnerable, against a bullying, merciless Government who seem intent on exterminating the civilisation that has made our country a great place to live.

The Chancellor might have currently crawled back into his hole with his tail between his legs. I have no doubt, however, he will be popping out shortly to inform us he has contrived another method to screw those unfortunates already on the breadline.

The suffering could be less if Mr Osborne had involved a contribution from his rich friends. He could then have saved millions by not giving a tax break to multi-national corporations and hedge funds. One billion a year by the end of the decade – could have been saved by not giving an inheritance tax cut to the very rich.

The working class are suffering because Mr Osborne is a failure.

In five years he has doubled the national debt to £1.56trillion. This debt is 80% of what we make as a nation each year.

He has also failed on his promise to eradicate the deficit in the last parliament and instead racked up £200billion more borrowing than planned in the last five years.

W Quinn