Hypocrisy is astounding

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As we mourn the tragic loss of life in Paris we can’t help but be astounded with the hypocrisy of David Cameron.

His determination to drop bombs in Syria, shows he is blind to the history of events in the region. The instability in the Middle East, upon which jihadis thrive, is a direct consequence of the foreign policy of America and Nato – or Bush and Blair.

Cameron’s bombing, then abandoning of Libya has left it a failed state with three armies fighting for control.

He then, without thinking, tried to arm the rebels in Syria, and we know who they are now.

This is an ideological war, and bombs are not the answer. The terrorists in Paris were from France and Belgium. The same for 7/7, the terrorists were from Yorkshire.

Bombing Syria may make Cameron look statesmanlike and please the right wing of the country, but I’m afraid he comes across like the sanctimonious bloke in the corner of the pub.

Ged Taylor