I agree on Foreign Aid

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I WOULD like to reiterate comments made by B Whincop in the Gazette, February 18,

and would also like to add the following comments.

Since I read in the tabloids recently of the ammount of cash we give in Foreign Aid, I would appreciate it if someone with a grasp of government finance can explain the need for so much money to be given away.

In 2014 this amounted to £14bn.

Apparently, our government is committed to giving 0.7 per cent of our gross domestic product (GDP) – hence the £14bn in 2014.

One report revealed that the amount of taxpayers’ cash spent on foriegn developement has soared by 65 per cent over the last decade,

Britain’s commitment is more than double that of G8 group of nations, made up of UK, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Italy,Canada and USA.

In fact, all those other countries have reduced their percentage of GDP given to aid. Example 0.16 per cent USA.

So this is what I don’t understand, our NHS is near bankrupt, we can’t supply our schools with adequate finance.

Our police force can’t protect us for lack of funds. Fire services are closing down, councils are being told to cut expenditures to ridiculous levels.

We have a growing number of food banks for the poor, and many institutions rely on charitable donations from the public to survive.

We also have a huge deficit to make to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), for which there is projected 0.33 per cent interest repayments for the years 2015 through to 2019.

So surely we are entitled to ask, how can we afford to give £14bn to someone else?

In my view charity begins at home, and until the country gets back on its feet,we should reconsider any amount given to foriegn aid.

Surely common sense dictates we should do something about it, no matter what your political persuasion.

Billy Duffy,

By e-mail.