I’m all for getting the homeless shelter.

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I often buy coffee and a sandwich for people I see huddled in a shop doorway and wish they had a home. However, I must admit I was shocked to learn that the Emmaus Charity has bought the property in Stanhope Road to house the homeless.

I know many people are in favour of this project and I can see why, but I bet they don’t live on the same block with children!

I trust Emmaus is true to its word and that these homeless people are properly vetted and that they are not currently drug addicts, alcoholics, child abusers, sex offenders (there are schools and nurseries in the immediate vicinity).

It is worrying for the immediate residents as no one knows what undesirables may be hanging around, or how the whole thing will pan out. It is an unknown entity and that’s the worry.

They say alcohol will not be allowed on the premises, but who will monitor this? They could drink outside in the park across the road.

In theory it sounds a good scheme, but we shall see.

I don’t suppose it will help property values in the area either.

I hope I am proved wrong. I hope they do provide a good stable environment for these unfortunate people and that they get back on their feet, but hope it won’t be at the expense of the residents and that there won’t be any trouble in the area or in the West Park.

Watch this space.

Name withheld