I’m appalled at pub sale

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With reference to The Mariner pub.

I am absolutely appalled that the owners of The Mariner in Mortimer Road have seen fit to sell this on and the council has granted permission to change to a retail outlet.

Not only have they turned a beautiful building such as The Criterion into a betting shop and another impressive building, The West Park public house into a Sainsbury’s they are now giving permission for The Mariner to be turned into yet another not needed supermarket.

The building itself is not an old landmark like the previous two mentioned but it has served the community well for 60 years.

Does the council not realise that a supermarket so near to an infant and junior school could have major safety issues i.e. lorries unloading early in the mornings when kids are going to school, more traffic around this school which I didn’t think possible.

The powers that be need to think hard before this deed is done and before a child is hurt or worse.

Kathleen Foster,

Larch Avenue,

South Shields

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