I recorded live Coronation Street programme

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Despite being an avid, life-long Corrie fan, I recorded last Wednesday’s live 55th birthday edition to watch later in the evening.

I preferred to side with Michael Portillo’s Great Continental Railway Journeys, where he began his jaunt in Lyon learning how the city got it’s gastronomic reputation, then to BBC’s The Great British Bake Off, thereby defeating the whole point that Corrie was a live edition!

However, on Bake Off the five remaining bakers tackled among other patisserie confections cream horns, though as Sue Perkins said: “The signature challenge has been assessed by the double-entendre police”, nevertheless from then on the whole caboodle went downhill with bawdy Bake Off banter, but oh what fun!

Later on I found out by watching the Corrie recording the live show hadn’t been drowned out by Manchester United fans at Old Trafford only half a mile away and learned it had been goodbye to evil Callum and farewell to Craig Charles’ character Lloyd Mullaney. Must try and get out more!

Ken Johnson

South Shields