Incensed by immigration

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AFTER watching the leaders’ debate on ITV recently, I am mortified that one of the two clowns (Miliband and Cameron) will be running our country for five long years after the election. Because neither of them covered themselves in glory on the big stage –in fact most of the minority parties performed more eloquently than ‘Bill and Ben’.

 I am also incensed that Miliband said that immigration was helping this country immensely and his party would encourage more immigration.

 This is a man who champions democracy,but refuses to give the voting public the democratic right to have a say in how their country is run – methinks he is frightened of what the public will vote for.

 The latest BBC poll showed that 77 per cent of 4,000 businesses support a referendum and 67 per cent of the public support it.

 Democracy doesn’t have a place in our society any longer,both at government level or local level. You just have to read the Gazette’s front-page article (April 2) regarding the reasons for the resignation of Coun George Elsom, to understand,where he says: “There is no dialogue on South Tyneside council” because any change to Labour’s wishes is disregarded and shouted down.

 So therefore as repeated in the past, a change is required to quell these political bullies who couldn’t spell ‘democracy’.

Jack Wiffin,

By e-mail.