It’s a stupid practice

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During the run up to Christmas did you noticed this?

The town centre shops started to discount prices to attract customers, yet pubs did the exact opposite.

Many pubs started selling New Year tickets, allegedly to make sure people got in, but really it was to keep customers in the pub, who would otherwise do ‘the circuit’ as usual on a night out.

I had hoped that stupid practice would have died out since its’ Millennium’ inception.

Restaurants were the biggest culprit, ‘Christmas Fayre’ menus appearing with a 50% surcharge because its Christmas.

Fifteen of us went to an Indian restaurant the week before Christmas. It was empty except for us at 8.30pm. As we sat down the poppadoms and pickles arrived all across the table. We all agreed to stick to the special menu, £12.95.

Any drinks were bought at the bar as some lads were on water, when the meal was cleared away the waiter asked who was for coffee, 15 hands shot up, lastly the bill arrived, £12.95 a head became close to £20 a head.

I queried it, asked for a menu to check how that could be.

There it was, a doctored special menu, coffee was deleted.

For decades a coffee with a head of cream was a must-have end to any special menu in an Indian restaurant. Plus the poppadoms and pickles no one asked for were charged for too, times 15 people – a rip off .

I led the protests, but to no avail, we consumed so we had to pay, but not before I told ‘Dick Turpin’ the smirking owner, he was a robbing so and so and I would never come into his restaurant again.

Colin Campbell,