It’s unfair on older drivers

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I see Mick ‘the pen’ Brown has had another letter printed.

In his rant against drivers over the age of 75 he claims he isn’t ageist but, if my memory serves me correctly, it was only last week that he had a go at the free TV licence for this particular age group.

At the time, I took his remarks to be ‘tongue in cheek’ but after reading his latest rant, I’m not so sure.

Firstly, I’ll deal with last week’s letter and ask Mr Brown why the over-75s shouldn’t get a free licence?

Surely, they’ve earned it?

Reaching 75 years of age in this country now is no mean feat.

I feel certain that, if this perk were to be removed just as Mr Brown reached his 75th year he’d have something.

Now to the septuagenarian drivers.

Tell me, Mr Brown how do you know that these drivers are aged 75 or over? Have you been able to catch them to ask?

I have to say that I too have noticed some reckless driving on our roads.

I though, see today’s youth as the main culprits – racing from 0 to 75 (deliberately chosen) mph in three seconds flat. And that’s just around our estates where children are playing.

As for drink-driving, I ask again, how do you know the age of the driver? Or do you speak from experience?

I say, at least they’re not high on drugs too.

And for the record, I’m not yet 65 let alone 75. And no, I don’t yet have my bus pass – whinge about that for me, would you?

Fred Browne,

via email.