It seems that crime pays

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Every day we are faced with abnormal criminal activity on an unprecedented scale.

It ranges from assault, burglary, car theft, general lawlessness and rape, to name a few.

When brought to justice the culprits, after administering untold damage to property or person, appear to enjoy the limelight and mayhem they have caused, never showing any remorse.

Today’s sentencing does not ever seem to fit the crime.

It is much too lenient, and police handling too soft.

In my youth (the 1930s), I well remember the tough, burly bobbies administering swift, on the spot, rough justice to any of the bad lads daring to stray from the path of justice.

It sounds harsh but it worked.

It is my opinion that much stricter treatment would seriously make would-be offenders think twice before venturing towards a life of wrong-doing.

Unfortunately, at this present time, it appears to the average law-abiding citizen that crime does actually pay.

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