Its no fun on the buses

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I RECENTLY broke my wrist, which meant I was unable to drive, so as a result I ended up using buses for the first time in many years – what a nightmare!

 I thought the idea was to get people out of cars and onto public transport ‘to save the environment’? Well, going on my experiences over the past few weeks, the environment is just going to have to suffer, because I’ll never get on a bus again if I can help it.

 The cost is eye-watering, the drivers are all miserable and act like they’re doing you a favour, and you’re lucky if the buses turn up at all.

 On one occasion I spent over an hour standing in the freezing cold at Middlesbrough bus station waiting for a bus that didn’t turn up. The timetable says there should have been four in that time – simply unacceptable.

 Well, my wrist is better now thanks to the amazing NHS and I’m back behind the wheel and happier than ever. I can make the same journey in peace and comfort, in half the time and for less money.

 The ‘greens’ can keep their public transport ... I’ll give them a wave, standing wet and miserable in the rain at the bus stop while I’m driving by in my nice, warm car.

Bryan Johnson,