Jarrow sidelined again in health changes

Palmers Community Hospital, Jarrow
Palmers Community Hospital, Jarrow

I FEEL like I have to comment regarding the Jarrow Walk-In Centre, which was allegedly put to the vote in regards to a decision on whether or not to keep it open, and the vote was for the people of Jarrow.

 It seems to me to have been a waste of time, given that it is to close – so presumably the decision had already been made by the powers that be.

 I have attended this centre on two separate occasions, and I am struggling to understand why they chose to close this place because, certainly from the outside, it was in excellent condition, let alone inside, where there were superb facilities which were of a very high standard.

 Now it is said that a new urgent care hub is to be built at South Tyneside District Hospital – what on earth is this going to cost, especially since there is already an excellent centre in Jarrow?

 Yet again a walk-in centre is to close, putting hundreds of people at risk as the replacement is a few miles away. This throws up once again the lack of ambulance provision, the lack of local facilities for people and the ability of South Tyneside to manage the needs of people in all of its areas, as the council continues to focus on South Shields, rather than, for example, Jarrow or Hebburn.

Mr J Grant,

Gosforth Avenue,


South Shields.