Just another number

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If only it was an innocent piece of nonsense to celebrate, or otherwise, the end of one year with everything that happened, good and bad, during it and the beginning of a new one.

Personally, a firm male handshake, a sincere “All the best”, replied by”And you”, perhaps with a hug from a lass has always been accepted.

“Parties just aren’t my scene, man” but “Eat, drink and be merry” if you like.

Cliches maybe, good quotes though.

Call me a party pooper, the reply was always, “Ah cannit be harrised wi’ them”.

But it’s not,unfortunately.

Excessive consumption of alcohol, food, drugs; embarrassing behaviour, vomit, hangovers, fights, you name it, as “The man on the outside” (Pink Floyd if you’re wondering) – I’ve witnessed them all.

Just don’t get me started about it being a commercial rip-off or lazy television programmers...

Make New Year’s Resolutions if you think they’re necessary.

If asked, my reply would be: “Yeah right. I’m for too old for that sort of thing!”

It’s only the 31st of December becoming the 1st of January along with the year moving one up numerically after all.

Derek Moulding,

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