Keep on rocking

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Hard rocker Lemmy Kilmister sadly passed away at home in California, just two days after being diagnosed on Boxing Day with aggressive cancer and it certainly was aggressive to take a giant of excess such as Lemmy so quickly.

Lemmy was born Ian Kilmister in Stoke-on-Trent, on Christmas Eve, 1945, his father, an army chaplain, left the family when he was young and as a result, Lemmy was always close to his mother and always enjoyed the company of women, but he would not suffer fools gladly.

His nickname, Lemmy was thought to come from his way of asking for a loan of money as in “Lend me a fiver” but he insisted that was not true and it was just an urban myth that tagged onto him.

His first band was called The Rocking Vickers, which he left to join Psych Rock band Hawkwind on bass guitar, leaving in 1975 to form his own band Motorhead, where he sang lead vocals while playing bass alongside drummer Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor, who also passed away, and lead guitarist ‘Fast’ Eddie Clark, surviving member of the ‘classic’ line-up.

In early 2015, when Motorhead were playing Newcastle City Hall, Lemmy was seen trying to get lamps off the walls in the theatre near the stage to ‘take home as souvenirs’.

Rest In Peace Lemmy and make sure that everything is louder than everything else where ever you end up.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent,

via email