Keep your dog on a lead

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I’M writing this letter as I’m so annoyed at the number of people who are not keeping their aggressive dogs on leads, on our beautiful coastal areas.

The number of dog attacks are on the rise, including an attack on my dog.

It was attacked by a husky who was not on a lead.

I have a small border terrier. This dog attacked her. Why? Because it felt like it!

The sounds of her screeching while in this dog’s jaws will stay with me forever.

I have been back out with her since, luckily she was stitched back together, but a number of other pets have not been so lucky.

So come on you owners of the Staffordshire bull terrier dogs, pit bulls and other aggressive dogs, keep them on a lead.

I wish there was an on-the-spot fine for not having them on a lead and properly restrained.

A Caring Dog Owner.