Key message of election

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ALL the analysis of the election result in the mainstream media has missed a key factor as far as I can see.

In Tory vs Labour marginal constituencies what you have seen is the Lib Dem vote splitting 1/3-/1/2 to Labour, 1/2-2/3rds to Tory, but at the same time huge numbers of Labour voters have migrated to UKIP.

See Nuneaton for a classic example.

This is the underlying message from this election, told by many individual voters in Scotland.

Labour is no longer seen to represent the ordinary working man (subliminally not doing enough to shield them from the negative forces of globalisation).

The tectonic plates have moved first in Scotland, but England will not be far behind.

Blue Labour is Labour’s only hope.

If, instead, they try to pilot a course back to Blairite New Labour, the Labour Party will be reduced to a rump of ethnic minority-dominated constituencies in a few big cities.

Henry Pearce,

St Aidan’s Road,

South Shields.