Labour closed more mines

Former NUM leader Arthur Scargill.
Former NUM leader Arthur Scargill.

I wonder what country Craig Robinson (Gazette Letters, July 7) lives in? In spite of the Good Friday Appeasement with many killers pardoned, lots of IRA conflicts have continued.

Does he not know that Arthur Scargill, without a majority, conducted the miners’ strike to try to bring down the Thatcher government?

He did not succeed, and Labour closed more mines since that strike than the Tories.

Also, in 2010, Mrs Thatcher was voted the most influential woman in the world in a UK poll.

This was reported in the Sun, November 1, 2010 and in other papers.

How does Craig explain the fact that in the last election the Tories were voted in with an overall majority?

Marjorie Matthews,

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