Learning the hard way

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Now that the Conservatives have seized the centre ground of British politics, once occupied by Tony Blair, it’s clear how Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband led the Labour Party into the wilderness.

Strange how Labour loves its losers, yet is aggressively angry about Blair who won three elections.

Miliband threw out everything they did well, yielded power to the unions, and led his party to a 30 per cent share of the vote in a winnable election.

The young and the foolish with their Utopian dream and infantile Marxism will learn the hard way that politics is not a protest march. Too apathetic to vote at the General Election, they found enough enthusiasm to sign up for £3 and vote for Jeremy Corbyn, the friend of terrorists who refuses to sing God Save The Queen.

Party activists spend too much time gazing at their own navels and lose sight of what the wider electorate wants.

So they were stunned when they lost in May. The electoral map of England is largely coloured blue now. Corbyn will never change that. Where’s the quality in the Shadow Cabinet? Are moderate Labour MPs going to be deselected?

Charlies Napier