Leavers such bad winners

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I’m confused. What do the Brexiters want? I had thought the two things that united them was a desire to control immigration from Europe and to return powers to the UK Parliament from the EU, an increase in our democracy in other words.

However, the latter no longer appears to be the case, as epitomised by the letters from Coun George Howe and Jack Wiffen (November 8), who both protest over the decision of the High Court that the final say over invoking Article 50 should rest with Parliament.

They don’t seem to approve of Parliamentary democracy. What do they fear?

The Labour Party has announced it will not oppose Article 50 and it is assumed neither will the Conservative Party so a majority vote is guaranteed.

It can only be assumed, therefore, that they don’t want MPs to have a say in the deal that we seek to broker with the EU.

Why not? Shouldn’t they be involved? Isn’t that part and parcel of our Parliamentary democracy?

We voted to leave the EU but it wasn’t, and still hasn’t been, spelt out what terms we would be seeking.

Brexiters, they’re such bad winners.

Rod Hepplewhite