Lessons need to be learnt

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What a shambles the Tom Jones event was.

 I have been to many concerts at this venue and never been disappointed before.

 Is this the first time that Loose Cannon have been the organisers?

 It started off badly when no one could bring their own food or drink. This was compounded by the fact the supply of food and drink was inadequate leading to unacceptably long queues.

 No entertainment between acts, then a ridiculously long wait for Tom Jones, who was amazing, to appear. There were no TV screens (the norm at concerts now – even the South Tyneside free concert) to allow those further away from the stage to see the artist.

 We were thoroughly enjoying the performance despite all the drawbacks, when it came to an abrupt end.

 Disappointment continued when after an interminable wait one of the organisers announced there had been a “local power cut” (The castle was still lit up) and Tom had left the “arena”. Why didn’t Tom come on stage personally to explain and apologise? I would have preferred that, and so would all the people around me. It would have been more respectful to all the people who paid at least £50 to see him.

 Strikes me Tom Jones needs to take lessons from Joe McElderry on what do do in a crisis on stage. Joe coped wonderfully last week when he encountered technical problems at South Shields, filling the unexpected void with an unrehearsed acoustic number – fantastic.

 To top it all. It was complete chaos leaving the car park (which we had paid £3 for the privilege of).

 Why wasn’t anyone managing the flow of traffic?

Shame on you Loose Cannon, Tom Jones and the Duke of Northumberland, but I bet no one will offer the audience any compensation.