Let’s get this matter sorted

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Regarding the article ‘Loos Branded Eyesore on £5million Coastline (August 27).

I quite agree. They are in full view of the main coast road and totally spoil the aesthetics of the lovely seafront.However, toilets are needed in that area, especially when you have young children on the beach. It too far to walk over to Haven Point, which entails walking across the road (waiting for traffic lights to change), walking right round the circumference of the building to the entrance, then through the interior of the building.

Talking of walking, I refer to the one and only parking meter in the new car park where Tony Minchella’s new building is positioned. If you park near that building you have one heck of a walk to the entrance for a ticket. That car park definitely needs two parking meters.

As for the toilets in the fairground, they are housed in an old building. They have a dilapidated look and the last time I was forced to use them, there was no soap in the dispensers, no paper towels, one hand-drier out of order and the other was rather inadequate.

This toilet block is needed but really needs rebuilding.

You can’t use the toilets in The Dunes unless you are a paying customer. They keep them locked and you have to ask for the key!

If we are talking toilets at Little Haven, I may as well mention the public toilets at Sandhaven, known locally as Ghandi’s Temple, which are disgusting and I would have to be extremely desperate to use these. Luckily, people can always sneak into The Rattler or The Crabshack.

Then there’s the automated contraption near the start of the walkway near Minchella’s that just fills me with dread.

I do think South Tyneside Council has done us proud on the seafront, it looks fabulous. The organising of events throughout the summer is fantastic. All the hard work it does to gain funding to provide free entertainment at the amphitheatre, South Marine Park (which has won a very deserved Green Award) and Bents Park, makes us the envy of neighbouring towns, but let’s get our act together on the toilet front.

L Richardson