LETTER: Alarm at Prince Charles’ secret letters

Prince Charles.
Prince Charles.

I don’t see a problem with Prince Charles voicing his concerns with governments.

 It is the need to keep them secret from the public which I find alarming.

 It’s not like he has anything political to say such as his concern about food banks springing up all over the place, or his concern about the Government’s bedroom tax?

 Can you imagine his outrage if his benefits got cut because he has about 200 unused bedrooms in his massive ‘council’ house?

 No it was more like his concern that fox hunting may be banned. That’s right, the animal-loving prince thinks there’s nothing wrong with chasing a defenceless animal around its habitat on a horse and being torn to pieces by his dogs in the name of sport. Some animal-lover this fella is.

 Now Harry is chipping in saying the Government should bring back conscription, as it kept him on the “straight and narrow”, when he went into the army, as a private, with his four royal protection officers and a butler.

 He did his twice yearly photo shoots in what resembled the Middle East and now he’s leaving with the top general in the army calling him sir.

 “Straight and narrow” – what colour is the sky in this family’s world.

Ged Taylor,

via email