Letter of the week: 'Plenty of better sites to use for new housing in South Shields'

The Water's Edge site in South Shields.
The Water's Edge site in South Shields.

I would like to take this opportunity to object to the current proposal for the conversion of the Waters Edge Public House into housing.

Once again we see public lands being sold off for a fast profit by the council.

I shall state below my reasons for the objection.

In the past we have seen lands donated in perpetuity to the people of South Shields being used for gain.

The current fire station was build on public land under the promise of an Olympic swimming pool on lands at the rear of Coronation Street, only to have that land sold to Asda.

And the new pool being far from an Olympic venue.

The band stand on the seafront known locally as Ghandi's Temple being sold off to a private firm.

The public house would have been an ideal for conversion.

This council tried to allow permission for building of a casino/hotel in the current velodrome, which was only quashed by public support.

There are numerous brown sites about the town which should be utilised before the use of public lands.

Paul Wells.

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