Letter of the week: South Tyneside deserves better Metro train service

Our writer is asking readers to join the campaign for a better Metro service.
Our writer is asking readers to join the campaign for a better Metro service.

Our Metros are breaking down on a regular basis, because they are nearly 40 years old, although many think they are new trains.

They were superficially refurbished but at present any replacement spare part needs to be specially hand made up .

I should also draw people’s attention to the latest Government offer of a Public Finance Initiative Loan from Mr Grayling, the Minister for Transport, who has just told our councils they may have to borrow the vital money necessary for new Metro carriages, instead of a direct national grant.

This loan, would take 30 years to pay back at local level at huge interest rates like a Wonga loan.

That will also mean more cuts in our other public services to re-pay the interest and loan back, and we the public will not own the trains.

So look forward to more delays and breakdowns on the Metro service.

Whatever way you look at it, we have a rail service that is not on track for the passengers who rely upon it and that is due to current Government policy.

Help us campaign and make policy on public transport at our next meeting on Thursday, November 30, from 5pm to 7pm at Whitley Bay Library (twptug.org.uk).

Have your say now.

Please sign our petition to oppose Public Financing Initiative for our Metro new trains, visit https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/government-funding-for-tyne-and-wear-metro
Vicki Gilbert,

Chair TW Public Transport Users Group.

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