Letter of the week: Super head can sort out South Shields School 'farce'

Our writer believes Sir Ken Gibson, above, could rescue South Shields School.
Our writer believes Sir Ken Gibson, above, could rescue South Shields School.

The farce that is South Shields school debacle shows that this council is just not capable of running South Tyneside.

Built not long ago at a cost of £21million under the private finance initiative, that borrowing will have to be financed even if the school closes, with no pupils, no Government money will be paid.

Will council taxpayers have to fund the interest payments?

I was under the impression that if a school was in special measures or inadequate a super head was parachuted in to turn things round.

The pupil numbers are only half capacity because parents do not want to send their children to an inadequate place of learning.

The years from 11 to 16 are crucial for children seeking further education and good GCSE results.

The council’s declaration that there are 500 senior school places in South Shields for these displaced pupils is a blatant lie.

Harton is oversubscribed, I was at an appeal at the town hall to try and have a friend’s son allocated to Harton, 23 other parents attended for their children too, the school was full.

The appeal failed, rather than send her bright son to South Shields school less than 400 metres away, for an ‘inadequate’ education, she chose to send him to Boldon Comprehensive, a long bus ride away.

The family live in the new Cleadon Vale development at the nook.

Closing the school is not the answer, making it a good school is.

The council should have a word with Sir Ken Gibson, ex-super head of Harton Technology college.

Given a free hand he will turn it round, get rid of inadequate teachers and instil a learning discipline into the pupils who want to learn.

I also note that the council is appealing for someone to turn the school into an academy, whenever an academy was advocated in years past by a school it was seen as heresy.

Everything from finance to pupils education would go down the pan, but just look at Whitburn, oversubscribed, Cleadon Village Primary School, both thriving and sought-after by parents.

The whole council should resign en bloc and depart from local politics.

Colin Campbell.

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