LETTER: So we’re frozen – let it go!

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WHY is it every winter we’re bombarded non-stop with newspaper stories and TV news reports about the fact that it’s cold and snowing?

 You’d think we lived in the Sahara desert and hadn’t seen snow before! It’s Britain! It’s winter! It happens every year! Without fail!

 And to make it sound more scary, we’ve now got terms like ‘weather bomb’ and ‘thunder snow’, and the Met Office needs to give us amber and red warnings at the first sign of a snowflake.

 I’d love to see how these namby-pamby nitwits would react if they lived in a country with real extreme weather. They’d probably curl up into a foetal position and start sobbing instead of just getting on with it like people in countries like Norway and Canada do. It’s shameful. We used to have the largest Empire in history, now we’re terrified of a little bit of snow. Our ancestors must be rolling in their graves.

Edward Davidson,