Lighting up for polio

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As CEO of The British Polio Fellowship, I’m delighted to announce our latest project to raise awareness of the late effects of Polio and Post Polio Syndrome (PPS).

We’ll be projecting the colours of British Polio’s PPS Day emblem onto high-profile landmark buildings across the UK; and we’re extremely pleased to confirm the first landmark building as the Gateshead Millennium Bridge!

Showing the well-known landmarks in a different light will allow us to draw attention to the issues that surround those living with the late effects of Polio and PPS, estimated to affect about 120,000 people in the UK.

We’re putting a call out to the authorities of landmark buildings throughout Britain to get involved.

There will be no cost; all we need is permission to project onto the building and your venue will not only be part of something extra special, you should receive a great deal of publicity for your building, too.

It’s the perfect opportunity to be part of an exciting project that is sure to capture the nation’s attention, while showing support for British Polio members.

We’re urging anyone responsible for landmark buildings to get involved!

I’m really looking forward to seeing our colours on some of the country’s most iconic examples of architecture.  

Please call Fatema at British Polio Fellowship on 0800 043 1935 for more information.

Ted Hill MBE,

The British Polio Fellowship

Fears over immigrants

For a while now I’ve had a crazy idea but always dismissed it as nonsense, but as time goes by and the problem escalates my idea doesn’t seem that crazy at all.

The problem I am having and I imagine that most people in the UK are aware of, is the influx of illegal immigrants camped out just over the English Channel, in Calais, trying their utmost to get into the UK.

The trouble is most of these so-called asylum seekers are from countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, places that are mainly run by the terrorist groups, which have murdered innocent westerners including British and Americans, in the most barbaric way – beheading.

I fear these asylum seekers are part of a long term plan by terrorist groups, and also believe that the majority may have been radicalised and plan to set up sleeper cells, to try to radicalise English Muslim, to start what they have called the holy war.

It baffles me how people who are said to be so poor can afford the £5,000-plus. Where are they getting the funds from?

I really hope I am wrong about everything I’ve said, but what if I am not?

I suspect the Government have had similar thoughts ( I hope ) and are doing something to counteract these potentially disastrous consequences.

Gary Temple