Long memories of the Tories under Thatcher

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We have long memories

In response to Alan Davies’s letter about people in the North East voting Labour, the answer is they all have long memories of the Tories under Margaret Thatcher.

 She closed the shipyards, pits and factories.

 I’ve voted Labour for 64 years. Just walk around our villages in the North East, they have shops boarded up, especially in Easington.

 Sunderland shipyards built the biggest and best ships in the world.

 It was in the national papers that the Tories are going to put up the bedroom tax.

 When George Osborne and David Cameron were in Hartlepool being interviewed neither of them would answer the question about the one million people going to the food banks or give answers about the 90,000 unemployed people – the biggest in the country.

 So,Mr Davies, we are not all thick or stupid.

Grace Cassidy,

via email

The press is not to blame

It is somewhat surprising that some people are trying to defend Ed Miliband and his regressive policies.

 Even his former colleagues who fought alongside him and are now lining up to replace him, condemning his policies and campaign tactics.

 Labour and Ed Miliband did not lose the election through attacks from the right wing press.

 They lost because he fought a bad campaign on extreme left, regressive policies and he would not rule out a pact with the ultra-left SNP.

Alan Wright

Via email

Rodwell’s fitness woes

Our team is short of quality, we find it hard to attract top players so we need to keep him.

 He is versatilee and powerful, I am surprised some want to get rid of him. Sometimes you need to be patient.

 Mr Advocaat doesn’t sound loke he is ready to dead head the roses!

The Lambton Worm

Stinging honesty and great insight from Dickie. If the man isn’t our permanent manager for next season it’ll be a big blow.

 This is the first time it’s really came out about Rodwell not being able to play if he trains too hard during the week, sounds like a Paul McGrath type situation.

 But Dickie reckons problem can be solved, and we might eventually have a player on our hands.

 I wonder if Poyet and Congerton knew all about this when he signed, they never uttered a word about it 
between them, it’s taken Dickie to put us in the picture.

Sid Hudgens

Spot on, Sid – the lad has loads of talent shown in flashes since he joined us – now we know the reason he been on the physio table most of the time!