Lost in town once home

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Those Sundays I’ll recall

Forever more,

When we walked on dappled,

Sunlit forest floors,

Or sat and watched the sea

Kiss the shore,

You and me between the

Week-day wars

That day we went to Durham

On the train,

We gazed in awe at stained

Cathedral panes,

So luminescent, regal and religious,

Feats of engineering, so prodigious

And later, in the early evening rain,

The moon shone thru’ a cloud

Like maple grain,

The colour of your hair when

We were younger,

Before our hapless hearts were torn asunder

Up on Cleadon’s ancient,

Rollin’ hills,

We strolled by the old

Abandoned mill,

That keeps its darkest secrets deep within

The answer is whisperin’ in the wind

And the mill, and the tower

Stand on high,

To show a weary traveller

Home is nigh

But I’m lost, in a town

I once called home,

And those Sundays all

Melted like the snow,

That falls on forest floors

In the Spring

Someday, returning to the sea.

Paul Stephenson,

South Shields