Membership not consulted

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In their recent proposal to erect a 20-metre mobile mast plus adjoining cabinets in the grounds of Whitburn Cricket Club (planning application ref. st/0974/16/tful), the applicant, Pegasus Group, states that the “site location was selected in agreement with Whitburn Cricket Club” (WCC) and that “the club is entirely comfortable with the proposed installation”.

The application states that the site provider (WCC) will receive a “capital contribution” for the “enhancement of club facilities.

As a member of the club I find I am extremely disappointed that support for this outrageous development has been given by officials of the club without informing or consulting its own membership.

The proposed monopole will support three antennae, two dishes and require three adjoining cabinets at ground level.

It will be situated in the middle of a view across the cricket pitch, which the council itself has described as one of the best views of the Whitburn Conservation Area.

I trust the council in determining this application will do so in accordance with its policy SDP 12, entitled, “Whitburn Conservation Area Development Plan”.

Mobile coverage does need improving in Whitburn but another site must be found.

Whitburn Cricket Club Member