Memories of the glory days

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I was born in the East End of London and support my local team West Ham.

However, my family are from Jarrow and when on holiday in Jarrow as a youngster in the late fifties (yes, holiday in Jarrow) I used to go to Simonside to watch South Shields with my uncles and cousins.

The crowds were quite big and the football was a high standard with a sprinkling of old pros in the teams.

Today I looked on the West Ham website and a wave of nostalgia hit me with the printing of the history of West Ham results for the September 24.

Top of the list was West Ham United 1-1 South Shields, Division 2 (i.e. The Championship nowadays!). The year? 1921.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Shields back there again, but not my second team, Sunderland!

Anthony Nixon