Money can be better spent

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I feel compelled to respond to t Bryan Reynolds and Peter O’Connor (February 18).

Bryan Reynolds seems to think spending £200billion to renew the nuclear weapons on our Trident submarines is a good idea, money that in my mind would be better spent on conventional weapons and bringing our armed forces back up to strength. More to the point, does Mr Reynolds not realise we don’t even own the nuclear weapons, we lease them from the Americans.

We even need their permission if, heaven forbid, we ever wanted to use them.

What do we get in return? Well, the Americans have given us Starbucks, eBay, PayPal, Amazon and Google, all tax dodgers and costing our country hundreds of millions of pound each and every year.

Of course, Peter O’Connor seems to think that George Osborne letting Google pay only 2.77% corporation tax is okay because they paid nothing during the last five years of the Labour Government. I should say that Google was under investigation, which was only recently completed: and it was under George Osborne’s watch that the sweetheart deal with Google was agreed. At least he can’t be called a hypocrite, his family’s wallpaper business has paid no corporation tax for the last seven years. How can any of this be right when my and other small businesses have to pay corporation tax at the standard 20% rate.

Rod Hepplewhite