More pie in the sky from council leader?

TIGHT-LIPPED ... council leader Coun Iain Malcolm.
TIGHT-LIPPED ... council leader Coun Iain Malcolm.

COULD one dare to imagine the reason council leader Iain Malcom refused a Gazette request to discuss the unnecessary over-ambitious £100m 365 plan on its second anniversary that’s tearing our town to pieces was that he was too embarrassed by the lack of progress of the damn thing?

And as for the added bit for reintroducing street trams in South Tyneside – well, really – more pie in the sky?

To close, I was so displeased and irritated to learn the wild pony grazing scheme, to save a few pennies on grass cutting, is to go ahead on Cleadon Hills despite objections.

So just what part of its does Coun Tracy Dixon not comprehend it’s a good idea? I’ve heard it said it’s as good an idea as attaching an ashtray to a motorbike!

Ken Johnson,

Mowbray Road,

South Shields.