MP has let her people down

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In her short time as the MP for South Shields, I fear that Emma Lewell-Buck has made the constituency a complete laughing stock nationally, and is proving to be an embarrassment to the hard working people of the town.

Her comments that we “bury our dead” in our back gardens, employing her husband to work in her constituency office (when the borough is experiencing high unemployment), her expenses claims which included five pence for a pencil sharpener, claiming petrol allowance for visiting the towns Royal British Legion and claiming back her car parking charges when in South Shields, all display a candid lack of judgement on her behalf.

She has alienated herself against the local Labour Party to the extent that the Party is closed down without, I understand, one shred of evidence presented to stack up claims of bullying, and now the local Miners Banner Group are voting to ban her from their premises.

To vote for Andy Burnham as Leader of the Labour Party, and then to transfer her loyalties to Jeremy Corbyn as she sought appointment as a shadow minister, is par for the course with politicians climbing the greasy pole.

However, her antics during Labour’s current leadership crisis are simply staggering.

She remained a shadow minister, but then refused to vote on the motion of confidence in Corbyn’s leadership, demonstrating she was simply hedging her bets.

Once the vote went against Mr Corbyn, only then did she resign her shadow ministerial post, despite writing to him through watery eyes that the actions of his parliamentary comrades were disgraceful.

It is no wonder we saw a swing against the Labour Party in South Shields at the last general election.

Emma Lewell-Buck may be personable, but her letter of resignation demonstrates someone concerned solely in her own advancement. Her actions demonstrate that her judgement is simply flawed and it is becoming increasingly clear that the position of MP is beyond her capabilities and her own position is now untenable.

Is it too much to ask that, since Mr Corbyn is asked to consider his position, the town now asks our MP to consider hers?

George Kane,

South Shields