MP is right to speak out over leaving EU

Kate Hoey.
Kate Hoey.

Hallelujah! Even Labour has seen the light.

Kate Hoey, a prominent Labour MP, is of a mind to leave the EU if Cameron’s quest for a new deal flops.

She is the first politician, outside UKIP, I’ve known to use the really crucial argument for voting No and leaving the EU.

In a Sunday newspaper, she asked: “How can any elected MP allow EU law to reign supreme over UK law?” – that says it all.

For my part, the wide- ranging and sometimes intricate issues including lack of border control, human rights anomalies, the unfair agricultural and fisheries arrangements and, of course, the exorbitant cost burden of our membership, are either secondary to, or arise from, the fact that our Government is no longer in control of Britain.

Since the intention of EU leaders is an ever-closer union, which, of course, will result in the creation of a single state sooner or later, we should withdraw gracefully before Westminster becomes totally redundant.

It is truly amazing that the EU has managed to gain control of almost every aspect of our lives without a whimper from us when there are forests of grave stones scattered across Europe and a landscape still battle scarred to remind us that independence and sovereignty are highly-valued commodities.

To claim that the UK has benefited from the trading partnership we were sold, or that other Europhile’s chestnut, that peace has broken out, is highly speculative.

The UK has lost 80% of its heavy engineering and seen the fishing industry decimated as a result of our membership.

We have been involved in wars in the Balkans and throughout the Middle East, but a sight that should strike terror into us all is that of EU officials trying to bully Putin – a man with one hand on Europe’s light switch and the other on the world’s biggest military capability.

Denis Gillon,

via email.