Mrs Thatcher wasn’t such a popular leader

Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher

We get the same old rhetoric from Marjorie Matthews (July 16) in support of all things Tory and Margaret Thatcher.

May I remind her that Mrs Thatcher was so good that her own party turfed her out of office.

Another poll she may well not be aware of was on Radio Newcastle at the turn of the century when listeners were asked to vote on the man and woman of the Millennium, as well as the most derogatory person.

Churchill was voted man of the century, Ellen Wilkinson woman of the Millennium, and Mrs Thatcher got the vote for the last position.

I would ask Marjorie Matthews to go into any of the former pit villages in County Durham and ask how popular Mrs Thatcher was.

Her memory is still hated to this day.

AA Kelly.