Must face up to this danger

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Another day, another deadly vicious, hate-driven terrorist attack on mainland Europe carried out by yet another extremist – killing and maiming dozens of innocent men, womenand children.

Once again, we have the leaders of countries around the world appearing on television telling us that we must stand strong, continue to go about our lives as normal show these animals that they don’t frighten us and everything will be alright.

Until the next time that is.

Truth is, it’s not them that has to face up to the dangers these maniacs are unleashing around the world. They live their lives in a bubble fully protected behind electric fences, armour plated cars and bodyguards.

Their job as leaders of countries is to protect ther citizens and if there are groups of extremists intent on killing said citizens their job is to hunt them down and exterminate them. Sitting down trying to reason with these people is never going to work. Their sole intention is to destroy western civilisation as we know it.

Like it or not it is them or us .

We all know that sooner or later we are going to have to confront these blood, thirsty lunatics. Why wait?

M Mcardle