New satire show gave me a good laugh

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WELL done to the makers of Newzoid, the hilarious new satirical puppet show (ITV, Wednesdays).

 I think the lampooning of our political masters and royal family was satire at its best. I also loved the send-up of those two closely connected individuals Ant and Dec, who seem to be taking over Britain’s Got Talent (ITV1, Saturdays), where on the first show of the current series one of the contestants was a French ventriloquist with a dog wearing a mask over its nose and jaws that he operates to stimulate the bewildering canine talking.

 Some viewers complaining of animal cruelty, but methinks surely not as cruel as the unrelenting bombardment of ridicule dished out on Newzoid!

Ken Johnson,

Mowbray Road,

South Shields.