Nicola is right for Scotland

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I would like to point out to the name withheld email on Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon, this person states that Nicola Sturgeon is close to losing the Scottish vote.

Let me point out a few facts: When the Scottish referendum took place Scotland was promised by the Tories and the labour party that they would have the right to more power on Scottish matters (this hasn’t been the case).

The referendum was 55 per cent staying in the UK with 45 per cent voting to leave, the exact reverse to leave the EU.

Scotland wants to stay in the EU, so why does Scotland have to abide with the rest of the UK? In my opinion (yes I am Scottish) Scotland has the right to make their own mind up and not having to abide by the English parliament? As for the readers comment about Nicola Sturgeon being drunk on power.

Can not an elected first minister of Scotland be allowed her opinion? The English parliament are worried that if a new referendum the Scottish people would vote to leaving the UK, 56 per cent of the Scottish people wants to stay in the EU so why should Scotland stay in the UK.

There will be a new referendum on Scotland leaving the UK. Can I also point out that promises made by the conservative and labour party on the independence vote for Scotland have not born fruit, more lies to keep Scotland in the UK. One last point the SNP are the elected party in Scotland not labour or conservative.

I believe that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP is the way forward for the Scottish people.

Scott Andrews,