No boots on the ground

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Regarding the terrible killings in Paris by ISIS, there is no doubt that the EU’s open border means that European countries are importing terrorists and criminals.

A Frenchman, 29, known to be radicalised, a criminal, is one of the killers. A Syrian man had travelled through the Greek island of Leros is another. It seem three men from Brussels were on the radar but never challenged. MI5 says that 760 people from the UK travelled to Syria, 60 of them died, 350 of them are back in the UK.

We must get out of the EU and get our border back. Waiting until 2017 means there will be a million more immigrants here and there is a big worry as to who will be allowed to vote. The peers want to stop 1.2million foreigners from voting – Cameron, who wants to stay in the EU wants them to vote.

We cannot rule other countries, such as Syria. No more of our soldiers dying, no boots on the ground, concentrate on our defence.

Marjorie Matthews