No cuts to their pay

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I read an interesting article in the newspapers at the weekend,which prompted Chris Grayling MP to comment on the large amounts of money that town hall “fat cats” are pocketing in expenses – seems we have been down this road before (pigs in the trough, comes to mind).

A Sun on Sunday investigation revealed, through the Freedom of Information Act, that the annual amount claimed by the “fat cats” at England’s 353 councils, amounted to £202.7million, meaning that there hasn’t been any cuts in their expenses and allowances this year, at least, and probably previous years.

Yet these councils have cut 500,000 jobs, also budgets for meals on wheels, parks, leisure centres, special needs projects and the mentally impaired,have suffered tremendously.

Yet we still have three councillors per ward, which is ridiculous, but when questioned as to reducing, they quote: “Councillors couldn’t manage with a reduction in numbers due to workload.”

Yet the “hands on” workforce can be dispatched without a thought.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance says that “councillors cannot have the moral authority to make tough decisions on spending if they believe their own allowances should be immune” – well said.

Now we know why they hang on to their positions with panic stricken fever, as they don’t want to get off the “gravy train”.

Jack Wiffin