Not a crime to want the best

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Mr Brown in his reply to my letter has completely missed the point I made about Scotland being ruled by the English Parliament.

I made no comments about devolution. I was commenting on the Referendum and the fact that the English Parliament is against another referendum giving Scottish people the right again to vote for independence.

Mr Brown says the fact that the UK Parliament sits in Westminster doesn’t make it English.

The last time I looked at a map, Westminster is in London is it not?

In my letter I was talking about the EU and the fact that Scotland voted to stay in the EU but couldn’t because the majority in the UK wanted to leave, that is why I believe Scotland should have another referendum on independence.

I wasn’t talking about

anything else, and as for the sarcastic comment England doesn’t have its own Parliament, excuse me it does.

I also answered to the comments made about Ms Sturgeon being drunk on power.

Why does it offend the rest of the UK because the Scottish people have a leader that only wants the best for Scotland?

As proved on the percentage who voted in Scotland to remain in the EU that was my comment, I am not anti UK I just want the best for the land of my birth.

Scott Andrews