Not enough people for job

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I have a great deal of sympathy with Mr John Wilkinson of Dundee Court, as reported in your edition of March 7.

Popular belief has it that a sheltered residence is a site controlled by a warden who is permanently on duty in the building. That was the case until recent times until the European Court of Human Rights decided that wardens should no longer live on site and on call 24/7, as that was deemed to be against their human rights.

No-one could argue with the logic of that decision, but it has had a detrimental effect on the human rights of the pensioner residents.

The warden service has been severely depleted and is under strength to the point where the wardens themselves have my sympathy. They appear to be run off their feet trying to serve more than one site at a time.

As a consequence, we spend long periods without a warden on duty. I must point out that the problem now exists nationwide, not just on South Tyneside.

In fact, in some cases, people have died because there has been no warden on duty. I can furnish documentary evidence in support of this.

So much for “care for the elderly”.

John Badger