Not the way forward

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Parliament will decide soon whether to join the bombing campaign in Syria.

If MPs examine our recent history of military involvement in Middle East wars, then they must realise the dangers of voting for such an engagement bearing in mind our disastrous interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya: countries now left in chaos and ruin.

There does not appear to be a cohesive strategy between U.S./Europe and Russia/Iran; a strategy that seems almost impossible considering the internal sectarian groups fighting each other on the one hand and the aims of U.S./Europe in conflict with those of Russia/Iran.

Isis must be defeated but bombing alone won’t do it.

If a ground invasion is necessary then it is unlikely that U.S./Europe will do it seeing that the Russians and Iranians are there already.

The evil that is Isis is, in part, the culmination of decades of involvement by the West in the affairs of the Middle East countries; as President Obama has said, Isis “grew out of our invasion” of Iraq.

Our military involvement will only help create more refugees, increase islamophobia, cost the lives of innocent civilians, increase the risk of terrorism on our streets and cost millions of pounds at a time when welfare, tax credits and public services are being cut to the bone. Don’t do it.

Alan Newham