Not working hard enough

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“We’re working hard” (to bring new players in) says Moyes.

Might I make a suggestion here? Work harder, those on the terraces depend on you.

“It isn’t easy bringing players in. Prices are much higher than they were...” he says.

So, if you want a player that badly, if he’s going to improve your squad, you’ll pay for him.

Look at M’Villa. A man who actually wants to play for SAFC and we’re haggling over the price with his club because he’s almost out of contract. For Heaven’s sakes!

Watch someone else step in and cough up the money without argument and then where are we?

Take Yedlin, the American lad, at Spurs. After a bit of coaching from Allardyce he actually turned into a full back with promise.

What’s happened there? He’s got Premier League experience, which we desperately need and what do SAFC do, haggle over his price for so long that two, nay three, other clubs step in with offers.

He hasn’t gone to any of them yet but there’s still time.

We apparently think nothing of spending £8million on a Chelsea reserve with no Premier League experience and two “ for the future” from Manchester United, for the future?

It’s now we need them, we’ve got some good youngsters in our academy ‘for the future’, at £5.5million.

Why, why, why? Just because we’re fond of giving players away, who can do a job for us, at knock down prices doesn’t mean others have to.

Did Chelsea with Djilobodji? No. Did we argue the price there? Apparently not!

Excuses are being made about Moyes having only just walked through the door.

About the problems with Allardyce and England. What do you reckon is going on with Hull City then? They don’t have a manager, theirs having walked out right on the eve of the season.

Apparently Spurs value Yedlin at £6million but no one has offered more than £3.5million including our nearest and dearest. Maybe that says something about him being overpriced but you get my drift, don’t you?

Fred Browne