Note on state of economy was no joke

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A recent correspondent claimed that Labour, the party of Blair and Alistair Campbell and the inventors of spin, were actually “out spun” by the Tories.

There was much, much more than spin involved in their miserable performance at the last election.

Labour failed to appeal to the electorate, Miliband was out of his depth and, sadly, the party was dealt a blow from which they may well never recover.

The writer seemed to be besotted by the notion that the UK economy registered growth of 1.8 per cent under Labour in December 2009, but fails to mention that this growth followed £200bn of quantitive easing and five per cent shrinkage, during the previous months.

So we all paid for that little bit of spin.

But the defining factor in the demise of Labour is the matter of the infamous note, the one Alistair Darling’s Treasury Minister, Alistair Byrne wrote to the incoming government – “There is no money left” it read.

In the midst of a recession with people losing their jobs and companies going to the wall, that one of those with which we entrust our economy, a Labour minister has the stupidity and crass inhumanity to write such a note is no joke.

Denis Gillon,

via email.