Now the circus will go on

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IT once again astounds me that a large percentage of the public of South Shields, who I thought had woken up to the abysmal handling of running the town, have once again sanctioned the circus to continue by voting the Labour Party back in, therefore sanctioning them to carry on with their expensive 365 plans, which in essence are at least 25 years too late.

The party’s running of this town will continue without any resistance, as echoed by the resignation of independent councillor George Elsom, who pointed this out with his resignation.

The blinkered voters who did vote them in deserve everything that is thrown at them in the future, as the town is now a mere shadow of the one I was proud to call my own, and there is no one to blame but the presiding council.

Not to mention the re-election of MP Emma Lewell-Buck to represent us in Parliament, who, among other things, quotes us with burying our nearest and dearest in our gardens, as we cannot afford burial fees.

How embarrassing.

Jack Wiffin,

By e-mail.