OAPs watch too much TV

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Congratulations to Claire Porter about the free TV licences to the elderly (Letters, July 13).

I think it’s outrageous that such a thing has been proposed. This will only encourage OAPs to watch more TV when they should be helped to get tech savvy.

 Many pensioners simply do not want to know about the internet, yet it is the way forward.

 Almost every time you have to fill in a form the first question is to reply with a email address and many OAPs don’t have one. Only the other day I was in a local Post Office and a old lady was asking about the Royal Mail. I told her to log onto the website. She replied that she was 85 and didn’t have a computer as if it was a crime to own one at that age.

 Yet she had been telling the lady behind the counter about the demise of Deirdre Barlow in Coronation Street.

Some folk want to get their priorities right.

Mick ‘The Pen’ Brown,

via email.

Funding for Alzheimer’s

We know there are now more than 2,130 people living with dementia in South Tyneside but we also know many of them are not receiving the help they need.

 In fact, three quarters of GPs feel their patients with dementia are not getting enough support from adult social services.

 The result is that unpaid family carers across the region are filling in the gaps.

 That is why in the Alzheimer’s Society report – Dementia 2015: Paving the Way – we are calling for two things to happen.

 Firstly, we need Gazette readers to speak to their GP if they are worried about their memory. It might be nothing, but if it is dementia then getting a diagnosis opens the door to support.

 Secondly, we need to see more funding going to services for people with a diagnosis.

 The support in the North East is delivered by hardworking professionals and it makes a tangible difference to people’s lives, but we need to go further.

 The number with dementia is continuing to rise. It is time for the government to seize the momentum for change, and realise its ambition to make the UK a global leader on dementia care.

 Finally, may I also take this opportunity to urge anyone who wants to know more about Alzheimer’s Society services in South Tyneside to contact our team on 0191 427 5443.

Melanie Stephenson,

Services Manager, South Tyneside Alzheimer’s Society.

Thanks for finding purse

I would love to personally thank the young individuals who handed my purse in at a Jarrow shop last month (June 5).  

 I have tried to find these people using social media as I would love to meet them to give them the praise they deserve.

Donna Crollman,

Via email.